Vogue Italia Heralds “Rapper Style,” A Trend “Started” By Michael Jordan

We can't…but what…who decided…whaa? In what seems like a parody of the worst, out-of-touch, Rich Skinny White Person Club version of itself, Vogue Italia just ran a feature touting "rapper style" as a trend to follow this season. Says the site, "[Rapper style] was launched in the '90s with basketball champion Michael Jordan appearing in commercials for Nike." Ah yes, the famous '90s rapper Michael Jordan.
To perfect the look of someone's suburban grandmother dressing up as Flavor Flav on Halloween — or, ahem — a "rapper," like, you know, Michael Jordan — Vogue Italia suggests pairing low-slung, baggy pants with a "glitter sweatshirt," a shaggy coat, visor sunglasses, and "the golden necklace with [a] word motif." Oh, Franca Sozanni, please get back inside before someone sees you with your pants down and calls the cops! Maybe April Fools' comes early in Italy...like at the end of March? We certainly hope so.
P.S., see also: the Haute Mess controversy. Also, Galliano. Also, "Slave Earrings." Sigh.

Photo: Via Vogue Italia/Steven Meisel


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