Viviscal Unleashes 5 New Ways To Lengthen & Strengthen Your ‘Do

There's not much women won't try in their quest for longer, thicker hair, which explains the recent surge in hair growth supplements. Everyone from celebs to elite hairstylists has been buzzing about them lately — be they pre-natal vitamins or special blends formulated solely for the purpose of making your locks lush. At the forefront of this mane movement has been Viviscal, thanks in part to the brand's affiliation with top-tier stylists like Danilo, Tabitha Coffey, and Oscar Blandi.
The brand has recently re-launched its partnership with Blandi to help introduce five new products. There's now Viviscal Extra-Strength, formulated with 50% more of the brand's proprietary complex AminoMar; a shampoo and conditioner that claim to help heal and cleanse the scalp and create the optimum environment for healthy hair growth; Viviscal Man, which helps address some of the specific causes unique to hair loss in men; and Hair Filler Fibers, which are like Hair In A Can, only without the can or the cheesy infomercial.
While many people are rightfully skeptical about the supplement craze, others swear by these products, and there have been quite a few heated battles on this site about the true efficacy of these pills. Those arguments aside, frankly we're just glad to see people finally starting to have an honest, open conversation about thin hair and hair loss — in both men and women — and try to provide solutions and information to people on how to tackle the issue. Sure, it's not the sexiest topic, but it's a real, very emotional issue for people of all ages, and it's about time we started talking about it more in-depth. The more innovation there is in the hair loss category, the greater the chance someone will be able to find a solution that works for them. So keep 'em coming, guys!
Have you ever used a supplement or hair growth product to help pump up your strands?

Viviscal Extra-Strength, $49.99; For Men, $49.99; Hair Filler Fibers, $24.99; Gentle Shampoo, $9.99; Moisturizing Conditioner, $9.99, all available at Viviscal.

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