Celebrate Earth Day With The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Design

We know they're out there — the innovators who are working at the forefront of sustainable design, the ones who are making it possible for us to keep pushing technology forward while also ensuring that the earth stays as untainted as possible. And, while we often get to experience the benefits of their groundbreaking projects (like our very own High Line), we're not aways sure how these works were developed, who exactly produced them, or even what impact they have on the environment around us. In honor of Earth Day, Phaidon Press is releasing an amazing new book called Vitamin Green , a collection of the 100 best sustainability projects from around the world. From houses that emit less carbon to solar-powered handbag that'll charge your cell phone during the day and softly glows when you open it in the evening (which comes in handy when you're searching for that mascara in the dark), this book will give you the lowdown on why each project is special — and you don't need a degree in environmental science to understand it. A quick flip through our slideshow reveals just a few of the vibrant images the tome contains, which totally makes it worthy of the best spot on your coffee table or nightstand.
Worrying about how many resources were burned to create this book? Don't fret. Vitamin Green is totally eco-friendly, as the cover is crafted from recycled egg cartons and all of the pages are made from sustainably sourced paper. So do yourself a little Earth Day favor and pre-order your copy now from Phaidon, and secure your copy when it's released at the end of this month. You owe it to yourself to be educated in some of the coolest design feats in the world — and did we mention how amazing it'll look on your coffee table? Yes, yes we did.
Phaidon, 83 Wooster Street (between Spring and Broome streets); 212-925-1900.
Photo: Courtesy of Phaidon

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