Virtual Fashion Magazine FLY16x9's New Beauty Channel Is Onscreen Eye Candy

With magazines moving online (and to iPad) faster than you can say "print is dead," we've been wondering what will become of gorgeous, glossy beauty spreads. Cyberspace's answer to the beauty sections of traditional magazines has been touch-and-go at best, which is why we were excited when we discovered the online fashion mag FLY16x9, added an up-close-and-personal beauty channel to its lineup. Filled with collaborative fashion videos, interviews with beauty experts, and male models promoting Kiehls Skincare (while telling us they love us—we love you too, boys), the site gives us everything we may miss about beauty editorials when the last print survivors jump ship. Now with three immersive channels featuring art and fashion along with beauty, FLY16x9 is what you need to get your old-school, glossy 'zine beauty fix with the click of a finger. And be sure to check out the picture-packed blog:

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