Why You're Addicted To Video-Game Apps

_MG_7573_ErinYamagataPhotographed by Erin Yamagata.
Along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, video-game apps are also becoming time suckers for youngsters and adults alike. And, unlike social-media platforms, these thumb tappers are after your money, too. According to AskMen, the ever so popular Candy Crush Saga raked in a whopping $1.88 billion last year. Like similar "free" apps, CCS makes its money from optional add-ons like free lives.
So, why is it that we're spending so much time (and dough) on something where the only satisfaction is simply getting to the next level? AskMen breaks it down for us, from the sneaky design that captivates your attention to the fine line between skill and luck. So, put down your phone and see how you can crack the habit. That is, if you want to. (AskMen)
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