I Pay $4,750 For My 1.5 Bedroom Apartment In Williamsburg

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. Today, 24-year-old Rachel Hilbert shows off her Williamsburg apartment.
Rachel Hilbert is a 24-year-old actress and model. You might have seen her walking the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2016 or on TV Land’s Younger. She lives in Williamsburg's Level building in Brooklyn in a one and a half bedroom apartment overlooking the Hudson. Her rent is $4,750 a month.
“I’d describe it as very homey, inviting, eclectic, and zen and relaxing,” Hilbert says of her home decor style. “I collect a lot of things.” Everything is either purchased with intention or has a special meaning, even the spatula that hangs in her kitchen. Antiquing has helped her fill the space: One of her favorite finds is a set of golden cutlery which just happened to bear her initial, R.
Because of her job, Rachel is constantly surrounded by creative people, which has definitely affected her style. “I’m in the creative business and it brings in a whole different vibe,” she says.
What’s her biggest home-related pet peeve? “Don’t leave any cabinets open. What’s the point of that? There isn’t a point,” she explains. Her friends tease her when they visit and intentionally leave them all open. And the key to a good-looking apartment is all about being neat and organized. “Always clean up after yourself because if you don’t clean up after yourself [the mess is] still going to be there.”
Her next dream apartment would be somewhere in Greenpoint, hopefully a loft with exposed brick. But, she says, “I’ve had horror stories for each of my apartments, not here, this is the winner for sure.”
What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I’ve lived in New York, in the city for seven years, and I wanted a break from the hustle and bustle of the craziness here so I decided to move to the water and kind of get away from it… It’s only 10 minutes outside of the city, so it’s perfect. And all my years living here, I’ve always been craving to live near the water, so I finally did it.
How did you find this apartment?
Actually, I got pretty injured a year ago... I was recovering from my injury and I was going through a moment, and I was like, I had to leave my old apartment. Actually, that building was the first building I looked at and my apartment was the first apartment I looked at. I knew that one was the one, but I looked around a bunch more, and I just decided, I’m going to move forward with this one...I terminated my lease at my old apartment and just did it.
Tell us about your pup who lives there with you!
Her name is Roxie. She grew up in Soho actually and then we both moved over to Brooklyn. She’s the cutest little nugget. She’s the perfect apartment dog. She just chills there all day and doesn’t make a peep. She’s always with me, which is really amazing. She loves it there. She goes outside and plays with the dogs down on the grass. It’s so nice.

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