This Will Make Your Acne Spots Run Away Screaming

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My skin used to bounce back pretty quickly from zits. Yes, they were terrible while they were there, but once they healed they were basically gone without a trace. Then, the second half of my 20s arrived. These days, while my breakouts are limited to the week before my period, they do leave noticeable red spots that linger for the rest of the month. They've barely cleared by the time my next hormonal breakout happens, and then it's just layers of red spots building on each other. It's a really fun time.
I'd tried a lot of different things to help, but was largely unsuccessful until I started using products by Verso. The brand uses a patented ingredient called Retinol 8 — a vitamin A derivative that's eight times more potent than your typical non-prescription vitamin A product. While this increases your collagen production to help reduce fine lines, it also targets overall imperfections like hyperpigmentation. And, as I've learned, that includes pesky, stubborn acne marks.
I've been using the Day Cream and the Night Cream for only two weeks and have really been amazed by the results: The dark spots from my monthly breakout were gone before my period was even over. I have moderately sensitive skin, but these products don't irritate me at all. If anything, they're actually pretty soothing.
In general, I've found that my skin looks livelier and feels softer since using these. While I'm not exactly going makeup-free, I'm definitely using less concealer than I normally do. Before these products, getting a zit meant I'd be stuck with a mark on my face for the foreseeable future. While my acne itself isn't gone, it's now a less-permanent annoyance — and I can deal with that.
Verso Night Cream, $100, available at Sephora; Verso Day Cream, $100, available at Sephora.

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