11 Products That Keep Working Long After You Apply Them

Remember when workdays were from 9 to 5 and you weren't reachable at all times via 10 different apps on your cell phone? Yeah, us either. Like it or not, our lives are pretty much always on. And, invasions of privacy aside, we've become pretty spoiled by all the tech and gadgets that make the rest of our lives easier. Nearly every item we have works far beyond its stated purpose — our phones take pro-quality pictures (and help us find the best restaurants, and tell us what to wear based on the weather, and...). Our cars don't just transport us from place to place, they're also bona-fide entertainment systems and Wi-Fi hubs. And our watches tell us much more than the time, they also track our steps, make phone calls (?!), and monitor our heart rates.
That got us thinking, with all these multitaskers working so hard for us in every other aspect of our lives, why can't our beauty products do the same? We want — nay, demand — long-lasting products that solve our every nagging issue to boot. Imagine a cleanser that keeps controlling oil long after you've washed your face. Or a highlighter that gets your strobing on point while lending a luxurious scent. The good news? These products already exist! We've rounded up our favorites here, including picks like Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, which not only tones, but also exfoliates, smooths, and leaves, as the name would suggest, a pretty righteous glow in its wake. So, for some hardworking products you won't need an extensive insurance plan for (unlike your phone), read on.

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