A Rare Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Is Coming

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Heads up, stargazers and astrology lovers! Prepare for the most romantic, lucky and fun astrological aspect to occur this week. Venus, who is known as the lesser benefic, and Jupiter, who’s a major benefic, are scheduled to connect on March 1 at 9:36pm PT and March 2 at 12:36am ET. When these two planets collide — the sky brightens up and auspicious things begin to happen — that is if we play our cards right. 
Venus, the planet of love, and Jupiter, the expansive planet, are uniting in fiery Aries. “It’s a great time to get excited," says astrologer Debra Silverman. "So if you were in the doldrums, or you’re feeling stuck, it’s not because of where the stars are. Everything this spring is screaming, ‘Take a risk! Say yes!’” This will intensify emotions as our passions and desires will be heightened. It’ll spice up our relationships and give them the chance to take center stage.
The caveat is that boundaries may not be set or respected by others, as this energy can be extremely pushy — especially in the sign Aries. Therefore, it’s important to create balance in our own lives and set limits with others. We are the ones who can define our needs and wants without being dogmatic and asserting our whims to control others. Connecting with like minded people who share our personal values and beliefs is key, since they’ll help us find our way back to our roots. Conversely, debating with those who share different opinions can broaden our philosophy and understanding of others — after all, Jupiter loves a good friendly dispute to liven things up. 
Venus in Aries is debilitated, while Jupiter in Aries is peregrine (which means not in exaltation or weakness). Peregrine planets are considered the 'wanderers' of the zodiac — they are lacking the strength of an exalted or dignified planet. In short: they just go with the flow and have no direction. So, this allows Venus in Aries to take the lead and take charge of the energy. The vibe will be more about artistry, creativity and romance. 
Venus also relates to our social graces and norms, while Jupiter aligns us to the world at large. There will be a shift in how we relate to others, due to the inconjunct or quincunx (a minor tense planetary connection) to the South Node of Destiny in Scorpio (which relates to our comfort zone). We will want to take action and define relationships immediately without giving much thought about what the future holds. Impulsive behavior can lead to an excess of indulgent or hedonistic behaviors like overdrinking, overspending and partying throughout the night. This can lead to arguments with loved ones. Don’t forget that Venus and Jupiter in Aries are sparky and temperamental. If they’re not being given what they want when they want it, then they can become feisty and dramatic. 
Venus and Jupiter link up in the cosmos with the healing centaur Chiron, who is in Aries, a day later. In case things get super crazy and weird — Chiron swoops in and brings us a silver lining. Chiron gives us the strength and stamina to heal from the love hangover (or actual after effects of late night drinking) by healing our hearts and making us feel less inadequate or broken.  
A great way to embrace the energy is to lean into our innermost artistic talents. Sing, dance, play music or an instrument, paint, draw, photograph the world we live in and share it with others. Let people see how amazing you are underneath the surface. The time to be present, alive, and love is now. Don’t waste the opportunity on decadence when you should be showing off your awesomeness as well as giving some TLC and having fun with those you care about.

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