The Gals from Vena Cava Hang at the "Waldorf Ashtoria," Play with Fake Fur, and Consider a Rave Collection

CFDA Runners up and Refinery29 obsessions Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai of Vena Cava have just dropped another gorgeous, challenging collection on us. Thanks to this photo diary, shot by their friend Marilia Destot, we now know how they pulled it off.
"We had the fittings at the "Waldorf Ashtoria." That's Sophie's friend Ashley's house. She was very nice to let us use it and provided us with endless ripe plums, and her beautiful visage for the makeup test."
Above, from left: "Don't worry, it's not real fur…and it's not real feathers. It's a fake feather/fur hybrid we found at the Paris fabric show. It's made by Japanese textile visionaries who are all about doing everything FAKE in the chicest most sophisticated way! Brilliant. They also had fake fur denim, but we decided to hold off on that one…that will be for our happy hardcore rave collection, yet to be released." "Sophie having a silent panic attack."

"We worked with Robert Lee Morris this season. His makes amazing jewelry—it recalls '30s Mexican silver (like Spratling), but also has a robot feeling that we like. We guess it could be called Deco-Future jewelry!"
"This is Ashley getting her makeup done by Vincent Longo. Vincent and Ted Gibson are both awesome people, and amazingly talented."
"This fabric is called Cupro. It's from Japan and is made from cotton linter so it's completely biodegradable."
"Kate Young, our stylist…looking happy and adorable as always. We love playing with Kate!"
"Checking out the final product. We never thought Depp and orange eyeliner could look so awesome. Witness the genius of Vincent and Ted!"

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