Hot Hair Trick: Skip The Scary Chemicals With This Vegan Mane-Straightening System

Any hair product that requires a gas mask during application can’t be good for you. And while we’re all desperate to find a magic potion that shields our locks from Miami’s humidity, formaldehyde-drenched systems have proven not to be worth the ill effects. (We’ll take some curl over a nosebleed any day, thankyouverymuch.)
But, the fact that you're (rightfully) averse to harmful chemicals doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to a frizzy mane. Zerran RealLisse is the first 100-percent vegan (and formaldehyde-free) hair smoothing system on the market. It's available in Florida exclusively at Salon Vaso, so make your appointment ASAP. Oh, and bonus: The keratin alternative lasts up to four months and is a pretty much pain-free process, since it's washed out immediately after the flatiron process.
Don’t expect to find any hard-to-read ingredients or animal products in Zerran’s recipe — the semi-permanent treatment is so safe you can eat it. We wouldn't suggest it, but hey, to each her own.

Zerran RealLisse, starting at $180, available at Salon Vaso, 1500 Alton Road,
2nd Floor; 305-674-7470


Photo: Courtesy of Salon Vaso.

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