Vassar To 76 High-Schoolers: “You’re Accepted… Psych!”

Imagine this: You studied for the SATs (okay, and the ACTs), you joined debate team just to have it on your list of extracurriculars, you even started paying attention in Bio (kind of). You apply to Vassar early decision, your ultimate dream school in upstate New York. You get in! You get in! You ACTUALLY get in! And then... you find out your acceptance was a mistake. For 76 unlucky high-schoolers, this unlikely nightmare is all too real. This weekend we read about 122 acceptance "test" emails that the school sent out to those who applied for binding E.D. enrollment, when in actuality, only 46 of them were meant to gain admission. This leaves 76 pissed-off kids (and about 152 even more enraged parents) left stupefied by the how-could-this-have-happened mistake. The college's response? Refunding the Vassar Brewer wannabes their $65 application fees. You'd need to pay us a lot more to get over this kind of disappointment. What do you think the proper reconciliation should be? Acceptance or just a simple apology? (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist

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