The Hot Hairdresser Voguettes, Gaga, And Socials Love To Love

If Blair Waldorf had a real-life hairdresser, it would be probably be Valery Joseph. The mane-man, who sports a chainlet of salons of the same name, is not only the go-to dude for all the U.E.S. socialites, his celebrity client list is also off-the-hook crazy. Among the Israeli hottie's regulars? Vogue-ette Lauren Santo Domingo, heiress/designer Margherita Missioni, chef Katie Lee, Ivanka Trump, Lada Gaga, Helena Christensen and Madonna. While his services aren't exactly bargain basement, neither are the treatments—he's got a creative team that can give you everything from an expert cut and color, to hair extensions, flawless brows, J.F. Lazartigue treatments, spray tanning, and manicures and pedicures. We suggest stopping by when you want a complete locks revamp—Joseph's education in structural design has allowed him to apply a trademark technique to the angle, dimension, body, and structure for every style. Our tip? Try his signature caviar repair treatment, perfect for medium to heavily damaged hair: The one hour treatment will leave your tresses manageable, healthy, and sporting a natural shine. Trust us, not only will you see a transformation, you'll be incredibly pampered and walk out feeling more luxurious than you have in a long time. Who doesn't want to be LSD for a day?
Valery Joseph, 820 Madison Avenue (between 68th and 69th streets); 212-517-7377.

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