Your 2023 Valentine’s Day Horoscope Is Here & Sparks Are Flying

Collage By Ly Ngo Heisig
All the lovers will be happy to know that this Valentine's day the cosmos will be serving us a spicy portion of romance. 
Even the most skeptical of singles and zodiac signs will feel the heat as sparks fly and we get a taste of our happily ever after. 
The symbolic god of desire Cupid will be aiming his arrow to ignite our hearts with love and passion. Some of the zodiac signs are in for a passionate and high intensity holiday of love, with the moon in adventurous Sagittarius. 
Excitement will be on the menu, asking us to get out of our comfort zones and tap into our inner fire. Others will have an opportunity to connect on a deeper spiritual level with their partners and soul friends. 
With the conjunction between exalted Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces happening the next day, there will be an undeniable aura of dreamy romance available for all to partake in. 
While the planet of love and the planet of dreamy illusions are synced up there will be an intoxicating wave of delight that all the signs will be riding. The rose-tinted glasses will be on all day allowing us to be a bit naive and open to possibilities when it comes to meeting someone new. 
Rationality will take the back seat while our hearts steer us towards manifesting the love we want and deserve. Listen to your intuition as the day unfolds, follow the signs from the universe, and soak up the wavey inspirational, sexy vibes, no matter what your dating status is. 
Here is a roadmap for your Valentine's day, make sure to read for your sun sign and rising sign...

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