Guess Which City Wins At V-Day?

Forget everything you know about Paris being the city of love. There’s a new list of U.S. cities that might make you rethink your Valentine’s Day plans — and, perhaps, invest in a plane ticket.

Wallet Hub
, a social-networking consumer-finance site, crunched the numbers to see how 100 of the most populated U.S. cities rank when it comes to V-Day. The site looked at everything from average restaurant meal cost to the price of a movie ticket.

What did Wallet Hub discover? Most of the prime spots for romance are right here on the West Coast. Coming out on top is our fair city by the Bay, San Francisco. Apparently, S.F. rules for activities, gift accessibility, and for number of floral and chocolate shops per capita. We can’t argue with that.

So, how exactly did Wallet Hub analyze all of this? It measured the data across four main categories — budget, gift accessibility, activities, and weather forecast — as well as sub categories like the price of wine. All prices were adjusted by the median household income of each city. 

Other high-ranking cities include Seattle, Portland, San Jose, and Fremont. Places to avoid on the holiday? Cleveland, Detroit, and Las Vegas. This year, it seems like your V-Day depends on three things: location, location, location. 

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