Here's Everything Gynecologists Say You Should Stop Worrying About

Illustrated by CACHETE JACK.
If you have a vagina, chances are, you also have a fair share of questions about what exactly goes on down there. Asking those questions out loud — whether with friends or during a gyno appointment — might seem embarrassing at first, but the reality is, a lot of the things we find ourselves stressing about are totally normal.
In partnership with Vagisil, we set out to address the most common worries women have about their vaginas, from appearance to discharge, with help from Dr. Nicole Bullock, a Texas-based Ob/Gyn. "Don't be afraid of your vagina. It's okay to look at your vulva and see your anatomy," she tells Refinery29. Talking with your doctor is always encouraged: "As gynecologists, we've seen and heard stories," so rest assured no conversation is off limits, Dr. Bullock says.
Click through for a crash course on all things vaginas, including what doctors suggest is important to keep in mind when embracing your body's natural functions.

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