10 Jobs Millennials Say Are The Most Stressful

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
U.S. News published a follow-up to its previous list of the best jobs for millennials with ... the worst 10.
To be clear, in this context, "worst" isn't a value judgment of the jobs themselves, but a determination based on the values of the people surveyed. More than 1,000 individuals, aged 20-34, who were asked what mattered most when considering a career; "the methodology evaluated professions available with a bachelor's degree or less, taking into account categories including salary, work-life balance, stress level, upward mobility, future job prospects, and unemployment rate," U.S. News told Refinery29 in an email. "Millennials rank salary as the most important, followed by work-life balance and stress level when it comes to making career decisions."
So, even though some of the following jobs have low rates of unemployment, the stressful nature of the work pushed them further down. By contrast, jobs that were deemed as more stressful that paid higher than the the U.S. median for personal income ($30,240) were ranked more favorably.
Read on for the verdict.

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