20 BIG Decor Ideas For 2015

This is the year. Our apartments are going from drab to bold and from simply livable to entertaining-worthy. We're going to paint that boring, ubiquitous IKEA dresser sapphire and purchase that zany statement couch. Or, maybe we'll pull a few things off the walls for a minimalist look.
To get our design inspiration flowing, we gathered 20 decor Instas that are bold and unexpected — and some that are just a little bit weird. Many of them are simple to pull off. In fact, we consider some of the photos ahead to be lessons in restraint. A lone portrait hung against a white wall can make a more striking statement than splashy wallpaper. Get ready for home-decor eye candy from the coolest creatives out there. We double design dare you to put your own twist on some of these big ideas.

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