Underwear For Your Feet, Kate Moss Drives Taxis, And Molly Ringwald Is Actually Blonde

What do you give the girl who has everything? Apparently a taxicab. Kate Moss takes her birthday gift, a Hackney Carriage, around for a spin in the English countryside. (Stylelist)
Now this is something new. Underwear!...for your feet? (Papermag)
A woman wearing a poufed secondhand wedding dress from the '80s and a travel purse gets kicked out of Disneyland for looking too much like a princess. If that's what passes for princess these days, we're going to have to take it up with the fairy council. (Daily Express)
You know about the black market, but do you know about the gray market? (Fashionista)
"My hair is naturally honey-colored, but I feel like a redhead. It's nice to be a color that not as many people like--but the people who like redheads like you a lot." —Molly Ringwald is a redhead poser! Who knew? (Shine)

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