Would You Shop For This New Sports Bra That Has Color-Coded Cup Sizes?

This new Armour Bra from intimates label Under Armour is trying to patent a new bra-shopping experience based on a color-coded cup size system. Says Senior Director of Underwear at Under Armour Helena Kaylin, the color-catalogued format is to quicken consumers' sporting goods shopping experience by providing a rainbow-inspired "navigation system." “Bra cup sizes are 32A to 38DD and each cup size is color coded, like an A cup is yellow and a D cup is orange," says Kaylin.
The bra is also endorsed by tennis star and winner of three Junior Grand Slams Sloane Stevens who said, “Some sports bras flatten you out. But this one is comfortable and loose feeling, not too tight. I would wear this bra even when I’m not playing tennis.” The now-codified bra also features ventilation mesh, removable cups, slings that reduce bounce, gel-padded closures, and soft edges that minimize chafing — all good things you'd want to see in a sports bra... but is it just us or does the color-coded system feel strangely exhibitionist and/or limiting? Would you ever feel comfortable shopping for bras in colors that explicitly indicate the size of your breasts? Can you relegate yourself to only wearing sports bras in just one color? What if you have an irrational hatred of blue but your boobs don't fit pink? Is this kind of like color-coding tampons and feeling weird if you pull out the massive-flow orange one? Bueller? (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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