Your Mom's Zodiac Sign, Explained

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Even if you already know exactly what makes your mom tick, a quick skim of her horoscope can still prove enlightening.
Of course, no two moms are alike — even if they're the same Zodiac sign. Consider this simply a new way to look at the same mother you already know and love. Maybe her adventurous streak will suddenly make sense when you learn that she's a Sagittarius. Or you may find an explanation for her constant need for "me time" in the fact that she's a Taurus.
And if you reach the end and still feel like a piece of your mom is missing from her astrological makeup, why not invite her to get both of your birth charts drawn up together? Nothing like an activity with mom that'll allow for a little celestial snooping.
Here's your chance to get to know your mom on an astrological level. Once you're more familiar with her sign, check out the perfect Mother's Day gift for her, whether she's an Aries, a Pisces, or anything in between.

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