No More Solo Cups: The Ultimate Guide To Drinking Like An Adult

Photographed by Jason Varney For The New Cocktail Hour (Running Man Press).
Crafting your own cocktails can be intimidating, which is why it's easy to leave it up to the pros and stick to what I call the "and" cocktails at home, a.k.a. the drinks that have both ingredients in the title ("gin and tonic," "scotch and soda"). Not only do you have to measure, stir, and pour just so, you also have to have the right kind of equipment on hand. But it doesn't have to be so daunting.

When siblings Tenaya and Andrew Darlington wrote The New Cocktail Hour, they set out to show that delicious craft cocktails were possible at home, no intimidating prep work or tipping required. As it turns out, the path to being a master at-home mixologist is really about understanding the basics, and it doesn't get any more basic than glassware.

The right cup for the right drink isn't just an etiquette thing, like knowing how to set a table. It can actually affect the quality of the drink. But, as the Darlingtons explain, it's really less about having every possible glass under the sun and more about having the basics nailed down. Of course, it helps to have some not-so-basic options too.

Ahead, get the 411 on the specific cups that different cocktails are served in. Plus, the glasses every bar cart needs — and the ones it's nice to have if you're feeling fancy.

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