Twitter Troll: Ugg Keychains, Fake Christian Sirianos, And Faux-Leather Lanvin Bags

mattkays: "Ew is this someone's idea of a sick joke or a real thank you gift ugggg" At least they'll be on your keys and not your feet.
csiriano: "please be careful girls! important note about a scammer who claims to be casting a shoot for my company!" What gave it away? The lack of "You must be A) Fierce, 2) A hot mess" or the yahoo email account?
derekblasberg: "How come every time I put the Olympics on TV all they're showing is curling? What does a boy have to do to see some ice dancing!?" Put on your best glitter leotard and pray hard to the Olympics fairy (aka Johnny Weir).
AskMrMickey: "Okay is it gluttonous to buy 2 cruelty-free faux leather Lanvin bags? I hate to pass up a vegan fashion treat when I find one. Or two." Overbuying Lanvin bags should be a blessing, not a sin!
OAKNYC: "text of the day" Are you going to the Oakzine rager tonight?
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