Twitter Troll: Sillybandz Get Approval, Not-So-PC Halloween Ideas, And Scotland Has Castles

Versace: "A model wears a Versace black bustier mini dress with leather detailing & fringing in October's Flair Italy -" Ooh, sexy. We like.
derekblasberg: "What's a promiscuous English tart who has just arrived in a new time zone? A jet-slag. 'Oh, Candi was so jet-slagged when she got to Paris.' " Blasberg's a walking Urban Dictionary.
dailycandy: "This year's most timely Halloween costume: Chilean miner?" We just hope Ricky's doesn't get ahold of that one. We don't want to see any sexy Chilean miners come the 31st.
InterviewMag: "Chiddy Bang's Chidera Anamege on Scotland: "There were so many castles and shit, it was pretty much medieval." More!:" You wrote travel guides in a past life, didn't you?
SusiePR: " 'It's ok to wear sillybandz one day and grandpa's Rolex the next.' Amen @glamourdotcom!" Hear that? Don't be ashamed. Wear that glow in the dark, dino-shaped sillyband with pride!

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