Twitter Troll: Sad Germans, Smelly Grunge Kids, And A Valentino Sneak Peek

elinsvahn: "One of my favorite looks from Valentino couture" Sheer, bold shoulders, and a crop top... someone's been doing their trends homework!
MissKellyO: "when people nowadays claim to be grunge they really should be calling themselves smelly because when it was cool they were still in nappies!" If that's the case, someone should tell those gutterpunks on St. Marks that the '80s called, and they want their steeze back.
rachelantonoff "Heat is making me batty: forgot to zip the looong fly of my jumper revealing my laundry-day rock the vote underwear at starbucks. #sad" At least you had a bit of ventilation!
FaranKrentcil: "if she dropped pounds the way she dropped names, she'd be anorexic." Nice.
bryanboy: "Omg hooligans are screaming on the street bcause of the game" You're in Berlin on the day of a World Cup loss? We're just glad we're on the other side of the globe!

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