Twitter Troll: Prawn Shops, Model Marathons, and Halloween Hostility

annevyalitsyna: " - Is it wrong to pose for pictures while u are running a marathon? Somewhere between queens and manhattan" Some of us spent our post-Halloween hours curled up in the fetal position. Others, like Anne V, ran a gazillion miles.
designmilk: "Happy Monday! - Thoughts about this prawn (yes, prawn) hair accessory?:" It's shrimp-ly divine!
marieclaire: "We need your help for a story! What do you do in the morning before work (housework, children, etc.)? Email" Fixing the alarm clock after we smash it against the wall in a sleepy rage.
stefanogabbana: "Love flowers" You might want to invest in a different vase, dude.
katyperry: "I wanna punch all the flapper girls." Well put.

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