Twitter Troll: Nerd Glasses, Chic Arrivals, And Funky Shirts

saks: "have u guys seen the nerd glasses all over the runways? i bought some.. er, thoughts? xx micol" You look positively cerebral!
carlosncharge: "Q: Ive had 1 of those Brazilian wish bracelets tied around my wrist 4 bout 5 yrs now. I dont remember my wish & I wanna cut off. Do I do it?" You really gotta work for your wishes, don't you?
misternewton: "Perhaps the most chic thing I saw all day today was Carine Roitfeld arriving at Lanvin in a chauffeur-driven Aston Martin - nice one!" Touche, Carine. Touche.
henryholland: "Someone just called my shirt 'funky' thinking of going home." So, you've met our dad!
PerezHilton: "It wasn't easy for my Cuban and Catholic family, but I feel so lucky to have them love me just the way I am! #ItGetsBetter"

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