Twitter Troll: More Karl Stalking, Swimsuit Models Drink, And Takashimaya’s Dead

markholcomb: " - karl on a cherry picker! DYING!" We want Karl to leave town already so y'all will go back to Twitpic-ing naked people and stuff.
COACD: "Takashimaya RIP!" We thought this said "Tamagotchi RIP," and we totally felt for you.
darcie_517: "On way to IMG soiree with part of the SI fam... Can't wait to have some strong drinks with some hot ladies!!!! :)" Sounds like trouble...
KimmyStolz: "Was just a meeting with a woman who asked if I had a boyfriend and then if I found it hard to meet a man in nyc. 'Def hard for me, ma'am.'" We think you should head to the "strong drinks hot ladies" IMG party. See above.
STAGEMOMZ: "Lady in my class:'It smells in here!' Dude in my class: 'It might be your moustache.'" Wishing we were that witty today! Maybe we'll recruit him to write Twitter Troll tomorrow.

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