Twitter Troll: Leath’r Face, Gaga’s GIF, and There’s Tons of Boobies at Shoshanna

annevyalitsyna: "2hours drive, tons of make up and hand tattoos and I look like a native american" With a touch of Donatella, don't you think?
racked: "Bad sample sale behavior: Ladies, if you plan to take your tops off at the Anlo/Shoshanna sale, please wear a bra." There are usually more jugs at a sample sale than at an apple cider stand.
susiebubble: "It's awful self-Googling but just noticed that when you type in susie bubble, the ninth auto-search query is "susie bubble ugly"..." We'd like to respond with the following tweet...
models: " - How can one gif animation sum up so many feelings?" Haters to the left!
designmilk: "Did you see these ridiculously awesome papercuts by Charles Clary (Paper Extravaganza)???" We're guessing these look nothing like the one time we slid our hands down a razor-edged, Taschen tome.
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