Twitter Troll: Lady Gaga’s Dress At Armani, Models Have “Fun”, And Marc Jacobs’s Quivering Bosoms

SurfaceMag: "Our fashion editor nearly "died" upon seeing Lady Gaga's Armani Prive Grammys outfit at the 5th Avenue shop's window: #fb" And J.Lo nearly died when both she and Amanda Seyfriend wore similar Armani bubble wrap to the Oscars.
hintmag: "At Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs made a convincing case for the return of adult, curvaceous women with quivering bosoms. #pfw" Ah, quivering bosom. Our love for them is only matched by trembling loins (we'll leave that look to micro-hem mavens, Herve Leger).

"Yay @jess_stam & @logandoesntweet night out!" All walk and no play makes models sad girls.

fuggirls: "Wait, so the next SNL is Jude Law and Pearl Jam? What year is it, again? -H" Either everything old and mediocre is new and crazy cool, or it's 1994.

_M_I_A_: - WORKING ON THE WEBSITE. REAL BITCHES WEAR REAL FLOWERS." That's exactly what we're telling our manicurist tomorrow.

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