Twitter Troll: Karl in Jeans, Pigs in Chanel, and McQueen Breaks the Internet

TimesFashion: "#pfw here are the pics from the Chanel hay barn show, Karl Lagerfeld in jeans and models rolling around in hay:" It doesn't get any less weird once you see the photo.
heidimount: "i held a little pig before chanel today too. but they were to scared to be in the show.... but so cute." We dare you to think of anything cuter than a scared piglet.
womensweardaily: "Inflight rules at Chanel: An announcement asking the press not to use any wireless devices during the show." They may take our wireless devices, but they'll never take our Twitter! (We watched a lot of Mel Gibson movies in the '90s. Forgive us.)
McQueenWorld: "Due to massive demand you may not be able to catch the stream" Alexander McQueen and his Lady Gaga performance broke ShowStudio this afternoon, not to mention Twitter. Damn you egalitarian fashion for delaying our Twitter Troll today!
nickcave: "Drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte and scribbling in my journal. What rhymes best with apothecary? Mortuary? Marionberry?" Oh, fake Nick Cave. A spot of sherry? Ooh, so scary? Epochal cherries in a trough of berries?
models: "I don't care what anyone says. I want the infamous Strawberry dress from YSL! I will wear it with a Chanel straw bag." ...Or bedroom slippers and a duvet-cover jacket.
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