Twitter Troll: Eyebrow Tune-Up, A Goth Morning, and Cornrows in 2010?

SHOWstudio: " - Gareth's busy hands at work at Bruton Place" Watching a live Gareth Pugh stream while having a morning coffee—a new way to wake up!
styledotcom: "Eyebrows, an owner's manual:" We trust, but putting Frida Kahlo on the opener made raised some eyebrows of their own.
henryholland: "Today is all about maths. Tropical rain + quiff = fugly. Rum Punch x5 =love. Desire for corn rows - minus corn row hairdresser = sadface." Now, who remembers how to differentiate 6 - (us)² + 2(lol) = 0
models: "Who got Lady Gaga tickets this morning? And if so, who will be taking me with them...I fit neatly in a purse or backpack." Ah—who's got a joke about models being tiny?
beckadiamond: "Beat up blk lanvin flats, n(n) jkt, leather leggings, handmade aloha from hell t shirt, goth morning to you" We wish you a day filled with black skies and music made by middle-aged men who tame their beer bellies with lace-up corsets.

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