Twitter Troll: Doggie Vans, Rich People Blunders, Is Anna Della Russo Actually Yoda?

cjronson: "Had to share. Tooooooo cute" Cute. Overload. Feeling...faint...
katyperry: "... So should I wear a rain coat to the Met now? #endoftheworldthunderstorms" We say no raincoat. You might as well look hot during the end of the world Rainpocalypse.
henryholland: "Woman just walked in carrying a birkin. And with her flies undone. Hot-a" Money can buy you a handbag, and also a bathroom gremlin whose sole job includes zipping up your fly—if you can afford it. We hear those things are expensive.
mamasarlngstone: "so don't believe that @annadellorusso is the real thing. has anyone actually looked at the blog that the twitter account links to?!!!" And judging from this entry—"Don't carry big bags. On the front row they hinder the passage"—we're guessing that Yoda is the guest writer.
openingceremony: "Opening Ceremony Sample Sale in NY // May 13-16th!" OC for 90% off? Have your eyeballs fallen out of your head yet??

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