Twitter Troll: Chanel Nightmares, Shoe Dreams, and A Peek Into What's Inside Rachel Zoe's Starbucks Cup

thecobrasnake: "On set. Looking tough. Don't mess with me" Nothing says gangsta like a mustachio in a Planet Hollywood cap.
nitro_licious: "Had the worst nightmare that someone spray painted my chanel bag and stuck a huge sticker on it without me knowing, horriffic!! Haha" Fashion people nightmares are a little different than normal people nightmares. We dreamt last night that they canceled the Marc Jacobs x Lady Gaga party (we woke up in tears).
mrbradgoreski: "Venti two bag awake tea, two splendas, splash of milk RT @audrey_canary: what does Rachel always order from Starbucks?" So it's not just a prop cup?
susiebubble: "Just got these Acne shoes in a crisp brown paper bag.... oh happy happy feet...." One of our favorite fashion fantasies involve raiding Susie's shoe closet.
katyperry: "fuck. I'm outside minding my own business eating pinkberry & some slutz yell out the car "zooooooeeey desccchanel" FML, welcome to LA." Not all whimsical indie-chicks are created equal.
samantharonson: "thinking of getting breast implants, but only for safety reasons. just in case i'm ever murdered and my fingers and teeth get lost." Or, for their cancer detection properties.
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