Twitter Troll: Barack’s Win, Bai Ling’s Back, and We Start Thinking About Halloween

models: " - My my my what is going on here... Scandalous Freja strikes again!" Ménages à trois and booty smacking? We're guessing Beja Baby's a top.
InStyle: "10 Fun and Easy Star Halloween Costumes" We're warning you now, the list is full of pop stars, novelty headbands, Cleopatra, and every other costume your sorority roommate in college wore during Halloween. What did you wear? Oh yeah, this.
BarackObama: "Humbled." Proud!
fuggirls: "If Old School Britney made an appearance this week, so has Old School Bai Ling:" It's a Happy Friday, indeed!
DitaVonTeese: "Fashion week is over, and I have a day off to do whatever I want. I'm going apartment hunting. I want to live where the gays live..." Ah, the modern Little Mermaid dream.
JonnyMakeup: "How did I end up at Tigerheat??????" You should ask that to the 15-year-old LA boys sporting the eyeliner and fluorescent American Apparel tanks who kidnapped you.
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