Twitter Troll: Alex Wang Cat-Eyes, RVCA Yard Sale, And A Rent-A-Womb Request

iamamayzing: "Got em'!!!!" Retro-future-tortoise-cat eyes. Rawr.
mrbradgoreski: "Just landed in NYC. Its gorgeous and warm. Wish I brought short legs are mad at me for being covered up. They will get over it." We wish we were ready for short shorts, but we haven't gotten our spray tans yet ;)
derekblasberg: "A whole parade of school children just marched by me on this perfect spring day. Melted my heart. Now I want a kid! Who has a womb for rent?" Funny, we find ourselves having the opposite reaction when surrounded by children.
womensweardaily: "'The cotton dress is the new t-shirt,' says Donna Karan, as a model glides by in a white number." Good, because we're over the t-shirt being the new cotton dress.
thecobrasnake: "mega yard sale tomorrow in los angeles @rvca los angeles on fairfax!!! come get your outfits for coachella" Coachella's our fave music fest for a reason—it's more like a So-Cal stylefest.

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