Twitter Troll: Aggy Gets a Haircut, Snooki Breaks Promises, And LFW Inspires Debate

THELOVEMAGAZINE: " - Agyness getting her hair shaved at Giles" We're probably imagining things, but is that a glimmer of a tear?
ladygaga: "On my way to Deering Oaks Park, I have been writing my repeal #DADT rally address for 48hrs. It's called 'THE PRIME RIB OF AMERICA.'" We're glad to see that she's taking her DADT plight seriously. Go Gaga, Go!
Sn00ki: "Lovin this photoshoot! Never put the poof so high b4! Sickkkk" We recall reading that she had forever de-poufed. Looks like old habits die hard.
cutblog: "London Fashion Week vs. New York Fashion Week: What's the difference, really? #nyfw #lfw" Well, no creepy blonde dolls showed up at the NY shows, for one.
NETAPORTER: "We love Carine Roitfeld's purple shoes, front row at Pringle #lfw " Shoe stalking at its finest. We're loving the heliotrope!

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