Twitter Troll: 6-Figure Shopping Trips, Stoned Jewelry, And A PS1 Or A Sofa?

sea_of_shoes: "Mismatched thigh highs, looking like a dork" We're really into this lopsided sock look—and it's a great way to finally use up all those single pairs who've lost their mates in the wash!
wmag: See who's still spending big bucks. Like, six figures in a single shopping trip." Six figures? o.O
MrStreetPeeper: "Went shopping with @susiebubble and considering a PS1 bag or a pastel Jil Sander coat from @BarneysNY (maybe i should get a sofa first tho)" It-Bags before furniture, always and forever.
whitneyEVEport: "Have you guys seen this pics yet?!? They turned out so great!!!!" The new theme for the next season of The City: Bored funeral-goers get their hair done for prom.
StyleListSays: "Time to get stoned! (We're talking precious stones here, people). @dameelizabeth tells us about her 33-carat diamond:" If you're talking about the other kind, see here.

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