These Mittens Make A Great Gift For Your Fave PDA-Obsessed Couple

Let's start out by saying there is one great thing about this product: 20 percent of Twitten's profits are donated to the Bodhi Fund, which helps provide patients with better access to cancer treatment. And it pretty much ends there.
The Twitten is a mitten for two. Well, really, it's three mittens for two people. Still, that's one too few! Yep, you guessed it: The third, middle mitten is actually a misshaped, conjoined hand-warmer enabling those couples who can't go 10 minutes without the soft touch of each other's skin to continue their forays into next-level PDA. Hey, we've got no problem with hand-holding, but do you really need to spend $45 for the pleasure of doing it bare-handed?
And it still doesn't end there. The brand has come out with a special edition featuring a delightful sperm and egg design. Granted, the egg looks more like a chicken version frying up in a pan than a human one (see the yolk?). It's called the "Pre-Conception Twitten," and we highly recommend it as a fun gift for those needing to ward off that weird neighbor couple who keep trying to invite you over to dinner. See? Every Twitten has a silver lining.

Photo: Courtesy of Twitten.

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