This Is Our Jam: Twin Shadow, "Five Seconds"

With Twin Shadow’s 2010 album Forget, George Lewis Jr. crafted an alternate vision of youth filled with sparkling new wave and unapologetic nostalgia. It’s one of our favorite albums in recent memory, and it has stayed in heavy rotation since its release two years ago. “Five Seconds” is the first single to the follow-up, Confess (out June 10), and sees Twin Shadow reentering the same lurid world, albeit with a new sense of urgency. Confess is said to have been inspired by a motorcycle ride through Los Angeles, and “Five Seconds” brings that sense of exhilaration to Twin Shadow’s usually low-key romanticism. It’s a fantastic track, and you can download it from the doodad below in exchange for your email.
Twin Shadow—Confess
"Five Seconds"
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Photographed by Tina Tyrell

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