Truman Capote’s Typewriter Just Sold For How Much On eBay??

Good, old analog computers (a.k.a., typewriters) have become more coveted as interior accessories as they grow ever-more obsolete. What better way to gussy up the apartment of a Brooklyn-based blogger or aspiring novelist than with a charming, ancient typewriter perched on a shelf? Well, you just missed out on one of the all-time great party conversation starters in the now-useless technology department; The very Smith-Corona literary giant Truman Capote probably used to tap out his masterpiece In Cold Blood while living in Brooklyn Heights just sold on eBay for $8,281. Now, that may seem like a high price for something that doesn't even have autocorrect, but in terms of New York historial provenance, it's a bargain. It's even in working condition! Some may note that Tru wrote things longhand first and typed after. But, alas, there's not really a secondary market for pencil nubs, so this is a true artifact. Too bad you missed it. But buck up, maybe you'll find Arthur Miller's old Underwood in a dumpster somewhere. (What Sells Best)

Photo: via What Sells Best.

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