A Living Room In A Box You’ve Gotta See To Believe

Let's face it, living in an urban setting means moving around more than a handful of times, and places in S.F. aren't always palatial — leading to tight squeezes and awkward furniture lugging. So, this one goes out to all you city-trotters who have swapped apartments enough times to have U-Haul on speed dial — we feel your pain. And so do the furniture and design gurus behind S.F.-based True Emporium. Without further ado, we introduce its latest and greatest venture, the living room in a box! Note this is not some kitschy DIY project, or even worse, an Ikea-like labyrinth of screws, bolts, and wooden sticks. Nope, this is classy stuff, people!

The three gents behind True Emporium are not only dedicated to crafting sustainable and locally sourced pieces, but also “affordable, highly mobile, and classically cool" ones, says co-founder Ty Parr.
The miracle-in-a-box is priced at $4,200 and made up of a sofa, club chair, coffee table, floor lamp, and even an entertainment center — all comprised of eco-friendly materials. The sustainable pieces are also meant to last decades to come, which means it will even survive your most ambitious moves. Did we mention that the whole set fits into a 2 x 4 box? Wowza! Now, moving out to a different hood all the way across town doesn't feel like quite the pain in the neck.

Photo: Via True Emporium


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