These Are The Best Ice Cream Products At Trader Joe's, According To Employees

A person in an Aloha shirt can be trusted on a number of topics. If they're behind a bar, they know fruity cocktails. If they're by the beach, they know surfing. If they're on the couch, that's your father and you should listen to him. And if they're next to the frozen section at Trader Joe's, they are experts in their employer's ice cream offerings.
Sure, you can make it at home or make a day out of visiting a scoop shop to enjoy ice-cream (literally) the old-fashioned way. But having a pint or two of your favorite flavor in the back of your freezer is the mark of a true adult. You're not a full-fledged grown-up until you eat ice cream you bought with your own money, straight out of the pint. Bonus points if you are in your feelings.
That's why we talked to employees from Trader Joe's stores all over the country and asked them what was the best ice cream the store has to offer. Here, they share their absolute favorites and even offer guidance on how best to consume them.

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