Designer Kim Ovitz's Words Of Wisdom For Aspiring Creatives (Like You)

A lot of us grow up dreaming of creative careers in design, art, or writing, and some of us come into adulthood with the talent, tools, and opportunities to make those fantasies reality. But even with the best education, background, and natural gifts, success is not a given. What’s the dividing line between potentially good and actually great? If you ask designer Kim Ovitz, cash isn't the key to creative achievement — it’s the ability to find inspiration where you can, relentless drive, ambition, and the willingness to work, work, work. Let the fashionable author of her own success story tell you what it takes to make your pie-in-the-sky career wishes into solid truth by clicking play above.
Shot and Produced by Adam Wissing at Colony. Edited by Jonathan Henry. Music by Expat Labs.

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