Tom Wolfe Threatens To Destroy Miami With New Book

No, Tom Wolfe's not going to crush every single building in Miami-Dade with a hardbound, signed first-edition of his forthcoming novel — though to hear some of the critics in the trailer for the documentary covering its making tell it, there's at least a small chance. (And, yes, now we live in an era when books get their own "making of" docs). According to the clip, Back To Blood (which hits shelves in October) is shaping up to be much like Wolfe's Bonfire Of The Vanities and The Man In Full before it — fictional novels crafted from exhaustive on-the-ground reporting that scorch and shame local institutions, leaders, and innocent pedestrians alike. In this case, Wolfe's been prowling both Miami's immigrant communities and halls of power, scratching down notes all the while (so, yes, it was him you saw on line at Jefe's). We're excited to see which Miamians he'll rake over the coals when the book comes out... or the movie of the book comes out... whichever. (Curbed)
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