30 Weird Reasons You’re Tired AF

Photographed by Bianca Valle.
This article was originally published on October 24, 2016.
If you're feeling fatigued, the best place to start is pretty obvious: sleep. Without regular ZZZs, you're going to be tired. But the real secret is that your energy level is connected to a lot more than just your sleep.
In fact, the way you eat, move, and sleep all influence each other. Pulling on one thread pulls the whole thing apart. Maybe you forgo your relaxation ritual throughout a particularly hectic week and suddenly, you're skipping workouts and forgetting to put together your favorite nutritious breakfast in the mornings. And, oh yeah, you're still not sleeping that great.
These seemingly little things add up. But luckily, fixing one can set you in motion to improve them all — and get your energy train back on track. Ahead, here are 30 weird things that might be the true root cause of your urgent need to nap.

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