Radio Journalist Interviews Daughters After One Gives The Other A Terrible Haircut

Sadie and Eva Cohen learned the hard way that some beauty transformations are best left to the professionals. Sure, we can trim our bangs, tweeze our brows, and apply a little contouring makeup, but when three-year-old Eva needed some help taming her "tush"-long locks, she opted out of salons and put her trust in her five-year-old sister Sadie's hands. When dear-old dad saw the uneven results, he didn't get mad...he got the recorder. And we got the insider's account of the most adorable beauty blunder we've ever seen.
As a WNPR reporter, Sadie and Eva's father, Jeff Cohen, naturally had to get to the bottom of his daughter's hair fiasco. With tape rolling, he picked up the entire story about how Sadie was simply helping her sister by cutting her too-long locks, ("[It was] really itching my hips," Eva says), how difficult it was for Sadie Scissor Hands to even work the pair of cutters, and what happened when their mom finally saw the results (yes, there was screaming). In the end, Eva ratted that her sister was the brains behind the, um, avant-garde 'do, Sadie confessed to hiding the snipped tresses "under the radiator" (obvi), and Eva made a harsh realization: "I really wanted a haircutter to cut it."
Way better than any episode of Kids Say The Darndest Things, trust us, you wont want to miss the entire first-hand account from the well-intentioned tots who we doubt will ever cut their own hair again. A valuable, yet tough, lesson, but at least they learned it early. Click through to hear the Q&A in its entirely. (Gawker)

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