Do Your Consignment Shopping Online — This New Site Can Help

If there’s one thing we don’t dig about the seasonal switch, it’s spring cleaning. Sure, we know how great it would feel to rid our space of that ever-expanding sartorial stockpile from 2001, but that would be a three-day undertaking (and who’s got that kind of time?).
Well, there’s a shiny new site dedicated to helping a sister out (before we go all Hoarders on you). And since you know how much we flip for fashion-meets-techie tidbits, you can only imagine our elation when we caught wind of it. Meet Threadflip which launched just today.
Yep, this is a brand-spankin’-new way to clean and organize your closet — that’s actually fun. It’s a unique way for stylish ladies to trade in their unwanted wares. But, we aren’t talking about turning in washed-out, embarrassing old items (some of those suckers belong in the trash, and you know it). Nope, on Threadflip you’ll find items you want to wear. “The pieces are as diverse as our users," explained founder Manik Singh. "We’ve seen an exciting range from Paul Smith to Prada, vintage to Vuitton, and everything in between — all at a fraction of the original price,” Singh said.
The concept is straightforward: sign up, make a profile, browse, upload, and then buy or sell. We’re thinking of it as an interactive version of Pinterest — where you can actually own some of those oh-so-covetable items. Pretty cool, huh? Well, it gets a wee bit better. The site features a mega-convenient “white glove” feature where the peeps at Threadlflip will upload your pics for you. You know, if you're feeling just a smidge lazy.
Another plus? The tastemakers hanging around to hook you up. “Threadflip showcases five inspiring fashion arbiters for launch: Tennessee Thomas, drummer for The Like, street-style star Preetma Singh, Late Afternoon blogger Liz Cherkasova, Laura Ellner of On the Racks, and lifestyle lovely Brit Morin, " said Singh. "We love that they reflect a variety of personal styles, representing the broad range of offerings on the site." We’re kind of flipping out for Threadflip over here. Take a peek, and then tell us what you think, in the comments.

Photos: Via Threadflip


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