This Nickel-Bag Wallet Is Totally Dope

Graduating from a kid-friendly wallet to full-on adult wallet can be a scary thing. But if you want to say “eff it” to growing up via money-holders in a major way, Walart is your new go-to. The Australian company crafts vegan wallets that put graphic photography in the spotlight, and they’re cheap to boot (just $15 a pop). Their most provocative wallet would make a solid gift to your favorite drug dealer—or yourself. The “Totally Dope” wallet might confuse even the seasoned druggie with its hyper-realistic photo of a nickel bag of weed, complete with a great party pill interior pattern. Not into uppers or downers? There’s always the “Guess Who” wallet for your everyday board game nerd (the blond, mustachioed Charles is the cover boy), or the “2D-TV” wallet that evokes the same intangible anxiety as an old television set gone static. True, financial responsibility is a characteristic of the mature, but it doesn’t mean that the vehicle used to take you there has to be fully-grown. (Big Cartel)

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