This Surgeon Wants To Cut Your Fat Toes Off

We wrote about this new cosmetic foot surgery fad that's apparently a $45 million business. Cashing in on the trend is Dr. Oliver Zong. The press release is too good not to cut-and-paste:
If your feet look like they could use the South Beach Diet you're not alone. Many women have feet and toes that are chunky. Some people are subject to foot swelling, which can be caused by many different factors from a diet high in salt and carbohydrates to the effects of pregnancy or PMS. Dr. Oliver Zong, Surgical Director of NYC FootCare says, 'There was a time when there was little that could be done cosmetically to improve feet. Today, most problems of the feet can be corrected.'"
Hear that ladies? The future is now! To get your "fat toes slim" (his words, not ours), Zong offers the "Toe Tuck", the shaving down of the pinky toe to offer a "better fit into stylish shoes"; the "Toe Slimming", which slims the tips of toes where fatty deposits may reside; and the "Toe Shortening", which cuts down your second toe if it's longer than the big toe.
Our suggestion? Get bigger shoes. (Diddy agrees).

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